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Physical Therapy and Coaching for Runners 

 Running expert helping fellow runners come back from injury and stay healthy while crushing their race goals. I am a fellow crazy runner who understands the many challenges runners go through.



Elite Endurance Physio, LLC was formed to connect athletes with PTs as we have a rich knowledge of anatomy, physiology, and mechanics. Coaching athletes is a top priority as it allows day to day contact so we can identify factors that may be influencing any possible injuries. Our hope is to also connect athletes with experts in various fields for a multi-disciplinary approach.


What do we offer?!?!


- Physical Therapy Services

- Dry Needling

- Customized Strength Training Routines

- Running Evaluations

- Individualized Coaching Plans

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"Josh was the most wonderful coach. Very communicative! I loved having the regular positive feedback and advice. His gentle demeanor and positive attitude made even the most grueling workouts tolerable. Along with helping me reach several PR's: 1 mile, 5k and 15k, he dropped seeds of physical therapy knowledge as needed for pesky injuries. Josh went above and beyond to make me feel like a real athlete!"

                                             - Veronica H.


Mobile Based - I come to you! I can meet at your house, work, beach, etc...

Mon-Thurs 4pm-7pm

Sat & Sun 1pm-6pm

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