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Physical Therapist Guided Coaching for Runners
Come for the Coaching, Stay for the Community

Connecting Athletes with Expert Physical Therapists in the field of running along with providing a variety of treatment options and Personalized Coaching.



Elite Endurance Physio was formed to connect athletes with PTs where we can utilize our expertise and offer comprehensive coaching services that support athletes in achieving their running goals while prioritizing their health, performance, and longevity in the sport.


What do we offer?!?!

Running Coach at Boston Marathon Finish Line
  1. Personalized Training Plans: We leverage our expertise as Physical Therapists to create individualized training plans tailored to each athlete's goals, abilities, and injury history. Consider factors such as periodization, specific race distances, strengths, and weaknesses.

  2. Biomechanical Analysis: Utilize physical therapy skills to assess athletes' biomechanics and movement patterns. Identify any inefficiencies or imbalances that may increase injury risk or hinder performance, and provide corrective exercises or adjustments to improve technique.

  3. Injury Reduction Strategies: Educate athletes on proper warm-up routines, stretching techniques, and recovery strategies to minimize the risk of injury during training and competition. Incorporate strength training and flexibility exercises targeted at areas commonly prone to injury in athletes. 

  4. Rehabilitation Support: Offer guidance and support to athletes recovering from injuries, helping them safely return to training and competition. Develop rehabilitation programs that address specific impairments and gradually reintegrate them into full training load.

  5. Mental Preparation and Race Strategy: Share psychological strategies to help athletes manage pre-race nerves, maintain focus, and stay motivated during training and competition. Assist them in developing race-day plans that account for course conditions, pacing strategies, and mental toughness.

  6. Communication and Support: Maintain open lines of communication with athletes, offering regular feedback, support, and encouragement throughout their training journey. Be accessible for questions, concerns, and adjustments to training plans as needed.

  7. Continuing Education and Resources: Stay updated on the latest research, trends, and best practices in training, physical therapy, and sports science. Share valuable resources, such as articles, podcasts, webinars, and workshops, to empower athletes with knowledge and tools for success.

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"Josh was the most wonderful coach. Very communicative! I loved having the regular positive feedback and advice. His gentle demeanor and positive attitude made even the most grueling workouts tolerable. Along with helping me reach several PR's: 1 mile, 5k and 15k, he dropped seeds of physical therapy knowledge as needed for pesky injuries. Josh went above and beyond to make me feel like a real athlete!"

                                             - Veronica H.

Mobile Based - I come to you! I can meet at your house, work, beach, etc...

We have flexible evening and weekend hours!

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