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Meet Dr. Joshua Smith

Physical Therapist and Head Running Coach

I am a 38yr old Physical Therapist, married with 3 kids, and I LOVE running. I have been obsessed with running for the past 12 years and have been fortunate to progress my running and triathlon career. I am passionate about helping fellow runners and athletes work through injuries and get back to 100%.


I also provide 1-on-1 coaching for runners, triathletes, and athletes at all levels whether they are just learning how to put together a training block to qualifying for Boston.

I have also enjoyed holding frequent seminars with athletes both leading them myself discussing various topics and also bringing in local experts to discussing a wide array of topics. My hope is to promote health within the running world and lead athletes through the frequent ups and downs that a running career can bring.

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Meet Dr. Justin Hoblet

Physical Therapist and Triathlon Coach

Justin has been a triathlete for over 25 years including all distances from sprint to full Ironman.


What are your coaching credentials? 
-USA Triathlon level one coach 

-Doctorate in Physical therapy (Army-Baylor University)

-10 years of active duty service in the Navy returning injured sailors back to full duty


How will you optimize peoples training for their goal race?

-get to know the athlete and discover areas of strength and weaknesses 

-baseline testing and retesting to ensure effective training is taking place for all 3 events 

-prioritizing training to help maximize performance as a whole rather than just being great at a single event 


How do you provide feedback? 

-feedback method is direct/blunt

-positive and constructive feedback will be given but is variable depending on athlete 


How does being a PT separate you from just normal coaches?

-advanced education in human anatomy and physiology 

-experienced in run analysis, ensuring a proper bike fit and injury prevention 

-knowing when it’s okay to continue training versus rest when experiencing pain with activity 

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