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Coaching, Runners, and Metrics

Data, Data, Data. Is it for everybody?

Well, it depends.

Some Quick Thoughts on Metrics

TSS, Heart Rate, Zones, RPE, Watts, CTL, ATL, Stress, Load

Metrics/information these days come in many forms and acronyms. It can seem overwhelming or a waste of time to many but these metrics can give us some valuable insight to how people are training. Whether the goal is to stay healthy, improve, or more likely both, know that we can use these metrics to your advantage.


Why are metrics valuable to you?

Ultimately when we prescribe a specific type of workout whether it be running or lifting and you perform that workout it helps to verify if what we are trying to accomplish is working. The same can be thought of when a medication is prescribed. If you are given medication for a headache and said medication helps then you know what was prescribed is correct. If it doesn't help your headache then you need to either change the dosage or medication.

Metrics will give us insight into how you are functioning in many ways both in the short term and long term. *think health function; sleep disturbances, endocrine issues, etc…*


How data driven are we at Elite Endurance Physio?

Ultimately with coaching I have tried to take an approach that is not completely data driven but very much so keep tabs on metrics to ensure we are headed in the correct direction from an overall health standpoint. One example is tracking HR and sleep data to ensure we are not on the verge of overtraining. If you'd like to chat more about digging deeper into the data I always welcome it. Please reach out at anytime.

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