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Running and Cadence


🏃‍♂️Should you focus on changing your cadence?

The answer is a big old "it depends".

🏃‍♂️Cadence is measured as how many steps you take in a given minute or SPM. This may be 120spm or 200spm or more than likely somewhere in between.

***I will say that if you are not experiencing pain or repeated injuries then I will rarely have someone alter their cadence. Again, it is simply a tool that we can use. ***

🏃‍♂️People who may benefit from altering their cadence:

-you have repeated stress fractures

-knee pain (runners knee)

-shin splints (MTSS)

-hip or low back pain

-have been told you overstride

🏃‍♂️These are some of the more common issues I tend to see where if someone has a lower cadence then they may benefit from increasing it over time.

If you are experiencing any of the above issues and would like any guidance please contact me

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