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How NOT to treat acute injuries

Important update on managing Acute Pain/Injuries

Inflammation is bad! 👎


Inflammation is actually a good thing.

We’ve all been told inflammation is a bad thing and that best thing to do for an acute injury is pop some Motrin and toss some ice on it.


Research is now showing what many of us have been saying for a long time - that anti-inflammatory medications really do not have as big of a place in managing acute pain as has been promised. A recent study showed ACTUALLY using NSAIDs (non steroidal anti-inflammatory medication) for acute pain led to a HIGHER likelihood of turning into a chronic pain issue than avoiding anti-inflammatories.

THAT IS RIGHT -> taking NSAIDs is likely to lead to MORE pain long term.

Acute pain is normal and inflammation is inherently a GOOD and NATURAL thing. Yes, that is correct. Your body is capable of managing many issues naturally. Next time when you have pain please consider avoiding the NSAIDs. Seek out a PT right away who can help you manage this path.

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